NHL Streams

Recently, we've been made aware that there are sites impersonating . These sites copy the layout and logo in order to trick you into thinking they are the official .

Please remember: the only website we recommend you use is sportsurge.net. This is the official domain of Sportsurge.

Do not rely on search engine results—impersonators purchase back links to make fake sites appear first.

You can verify Sportsurge.net is the official website as the domain was registered in 2019. We were the first to tell you about the site when it was originally published on this subreddit nhl streams.

Other sites can run ads or may promote certain streamers who pay the site owners directly for better advertising. Sportsurge.net does not do this, meaning you have a wide, open choice of sites to choose from.

As a reminder, the official Sportsurge does not make any money and relies on the community to help maintain its reputation.



Thanks for your continued support!