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NFL will update 30min before the match

Super Bowl LVIII: 49ers vs. Chiefs

Illegal activity is a sitewide rule. It’s why r/Piracy doesn’t let you post illegal files and why r/ nfl streams was shut down.

Subreddits that don’t enforce the sitewide content policy (I’m on mobile just google it) get reported to admins (the reddit employees/owners). They will remove it. And if mods continue letting it happen the subreddit is forcibly closed down.

So yeah it got removed for a rule. For breaking the sitewide content policy. And before you say it, yes I know there are plenty of examples of subs that slip through and have a ton of illegal content. But this isn’t those subs, I don’t mod them, and they’re not my problem. And I guarantee they will get shut down after enough violations happen.

Also for anyone who thinks we don’t see illegal content: we do. And sometimes it’s flagged to reddit admins directly and not mods. They remove it. Which is why you’ll see Removed by Reddit as the reason, vs just [Removed] if a mod deleted it. Theres not a shocking amount of these, but they hit the moderation log and they do happen regularly enough that we try to do our best to remove that content so an admin doesnt have to >> thus we stay above board >> our sub doesnt get banned.