NBA Streams

I do not have access to ABC. No antenna I've tried has ever worked. But no big deal, I wouldn't watch anything on ABC anyway... except you know, the FINALS.

The funny thing is, I have Sling TV. I can totally watch the Finals on ESPN3. But on only ONE stream per account. It's so stupid, I don't get this restriction at all. Other channels like TNT can have three streams per account, no problem. I can't even use something like the ESPN app either because it uses my Sling login and it would still "detect" my other stream. So stupid.

My mother has become a big NBA fan recently, so I let her watch it on Sling while I search the net for a good stream. nba streams  really helped me out. But I ask, why does watching the Finals have to be so difficult? ABC is a LOCAL channel that people can watch by antenna. You should be able to watch it on or with any kind of login or issue. Show me all the commercials you want. Just show me the game too.